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Hear why arable growers trust us with their crops.

When your livelihood is on the line, and that of the families and communities that rely on you, you need to be 100% confident that you’re not putting unnecessary risk into your system. That’s why growers the length and breadth of New Zealand trust the proven chemistry of BASF to protect their crops. Read their stories and see for yourself why confidence grows here.

600 HAWheat & BarleyCanterbury
“BASF has been doing quite a few trials at home so we can see them having success and striving to continually find new solutions. We want products with solid trial results, hence why we keep going back.”
“Looking forward, everyone in the industry will have a role to play in providing the scientific evidence and data to back up our best practices. I see BASF being on the front foot with the required evidence to accurately reflect the work that we do.”
“Research and development is really important, not just to protect the crops we have, but to strive to find new crop protection products for the future.”