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Revylution Fungicide



Upgrade to more flexible disease protection for wheat

ACVM Registration No.P009923

Mode of action: Group 3 fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 100 g/L mefentrifluconazole
Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate

Revylution® is a new foliar fungicide that will improve control of speckled leaf blotch (SLB) and leaf rust – as well as doing a great job on stripe rust – in wheat. For growers it should become the new first choice fungicide at the critical T2 timing in wheat, while Revystar remains the preferred option in barley.

Key benefits

  • Market leading speckled leaf blotch and leaf rust control
  • The capacity to fully eradicate speckled leaf blotch (SLB)
  • Powered by the only isopropanol-azole active ingredient, which works where other azoles don't work so well
  • Ultra-rapid absorption delivers exceptionally reliable performance in adverse weather
  • Extended protection for weeks after application
  • Multiple options to match tank-mixes to the disease spectrum
  • Can be applied up to GS 69 to target SLB early or rust late
  • Outstanding control of Ramularia in barley and excellent protection against other key diseases create extra yield potential in both barley and wheat

How it works

Revylution can be applied as a preventative spray on susceptible cultivars when conditions favour disease or at the first appearance of disease. Continued disease pressure may require a further treatment 3 to 5 weeks later. Do not apply after the end of flowering (Zadok GS 69).

Crop suitability

  • Barley

    Brown rust
    Ramularia leaf and awn spot
  • Wheat

    Leaf rust
    Speckled leaf blotch
    Stripe rust