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For the love farming, the biggest job on Earth

In a world of mounting challenges, farmers face the monumental task of feeding and clothing an ever-expanding population amidst tightening regulations and environmental uncertainties.

From battling pests and weeds to embracing breakthroughs and setbacks, farmers embody resilience and dedication every day. That’s why farming is the biggest job on Earth.

At BASF, our love for farming goes beyond providing innovative solutions. It extends to standing by farmers through every season. We offer support to growers and advisors, leveraging our expertise in innovation to protect their crops and enhance their capabilities, while also strengthening regional and rural communities.

Our love to farming is about building a sustainable future for agriculture by connecting innovation, customers, and society. 

The biggest job on Earth

a man in front of a header with text stating the old mates to help out

The early starts. The late nights. The long days.  
The sowing. The spraying. The harvesting.  
The breakthroughs. The setbacks. Season after season.

All for the love of farming, the biggest job on Earth. 

For the love of farming, the biggest job on Earth

Orchard with hills in the background and text stating for the love of farming

Discover farming through the eyes of resilient Kiwi farmers. From battling nature's challenges to embracing innovation, they share the passion and dedication that drives them forward. Join us on this journey into the heart of agriculture, where every day is a testament to the biggest job on Earth.

Apples grow on trees

A man and a woman in an apple orchard

Jamie and Sue Marett talk to us about the thousands of hours needed to make apples grow on trees. From Hawke’s Bay on New Zealand’s North Island, Marett Horticulture is dedicated to delivering nutritious, quality produce. At BASF, we're here through every step of the growing cycle, supporting farmers like the Marrett’s

Proud of growing a premium product

4 people sorting cherries in a factory

Jerf van Beek always takes pride in his work. As the owner of Riverside Cherries in Hawke’s Bay, he is passionate about making lives that little bit sweeter. 

A positive future

A man and woman standing in a field

Embracing New Zealand's pivotal global role, farmers Jo and Andy Innes from Mid Canterbury share our optimism for the future. Together, let's cultivate a better tomorrow.

More than a job

People working in a crop field

From humble roots to a thriving legacy, the Bhana Family Farms story spans six decades of passion-driven farming. BASF are proud to support nurturing growth in agriculture for over a century. 

Importance of innovation

A person driving a tractor in a field

Unlocking Agricultural Innovation: Meet Tim Herman, a seasoned Senior Technical Services Specialist, at BASF. From pioneering compounds to cutting-edge tech, see how BASF and Tim's work bridges science with practical solutions, ensuring farmers thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. 

Challenges of farming

A hand holding an ipad showing data in front a crop background

No matter how the industry changes, one constant is the innovation needed in agriculture. Third-generation farmer Blair Drysdale knows this well, consistently reinventing his family business in the face of challenges.

Here are a few examples of our support for growers in action.

Safety Champs

Safer farming families, stronger farming communities

Most farmers have heard a second or third-hand story about incident involving a child on-farm. These incidents have a profound effect on not only the child’s family but impact the social and economic fabric of farms and farming communities.
For farming families, the line between home and the workplace is often blurred. Safety is crucial not just for employees on farms, but those growing up on them too.

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John Evans

Preventing black spot, one grower at a time

John Evans is the Manager of R J Flowers farm in Hawke’s Bay.
Farming in New Zealand is about taking control in one of the world’s most extreme climates. Each season farms are challenged to overcome new hurdles that can appear from anywhere.
Cost variability, policy changes, labour shortages, pests, disease, the list goes on. 
That’s why operations grow three different crops – apples, pears and kiwifruit – to maintain diversity and maintain sustainability for our business over the long term. 

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