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Sustainability through innovation

All farmers understand that success is measured over many years, not just a single season. The ultimate goal is to pass your land on to the next generation in better, more productive condition than you inherited it in.

We provide practical support to help you fulfil that aim – most of it based on our constant search for new and better ways to achieve great results.

New chemical modes of action

Resistance to chemical modes of action is a key threat to the sustainability of cropping and the best remedy is introducing new ones. BASF are leading the way.

The launches of Belanty® and Revystar® have helped relieve resistance pressure on older fungicides in hort and arable cropping respectively. We have a long pipeline of forthcoming products that includes entirely new modes of action for herbicides and insecticides.

Biological solutions

Another key pillar of more sustainable farming is reducing the total use of chemicals. Poncho® VOTiVO®, with its biological protection against nematode attack, shows the way forward. We have begun developing game-changing biological crop protection products that prove effective, integrated pest and disease control can be achieved with much less environmental impact than in the past. 

Constructive partnerships

Co-operation across the industry is also essential to ensure we achieve change smoothly and that no one gets left behind. That’s why we are enthusiastic supporters of FAR events and initiatives and programs such as Agrecovery.

By regularly bringing innovative products to market, sharing the results of our research through each season and underwriting industry-wide programs, we are determined to keep equipping NZ growers with positive responses to the evolving challenges of sustainable cropping. 

The Agrecovery story

As well as helping maintain a cleaner environment and reduce waste, Agrecovery has relieved farmers of the burden of disposing of empty agrichemical containers and unused chemicals.
We’re proud to have been working with Agrecovery for over 10 years – first to help establish the scheme and more recently to expand it. The recent inclusion of our Kumulus DF and Polyram DF bags on the long list of recyclable containers is another significant advance.
Around three-and-half million kilograms of container packaging have been recycled since the free scheme was launched and there are now 3000 products whose containers are on the recyclable list.
If you’re about to become a new Agrecovery user, you can find a series of demonstration videos here


More and more of our products now come in these cleverly designed eco-packages, which complement our support for Agrecovery. As well as containing 20% less plastic than standard industry products, the new containers are easier to store, use and dispose of. 

Eco packaging