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Terpal plant growth regulator


Plant Growth Regulator

The finishing touch for yield protection

ACVM Registration No.P3483

Mode of action: Group 7 fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 305 g/L Mepiquat chloride | 155 g/L Chlorethephon
Formulation: Soluble concentrate (SL)

Choose your application timing to cover each variety’s vulnerabilities according to the seasonal conditions.

Key benefits

  • Complements earlier Cycocel application in barley
  • Earlier application maximises lodging control
  • Spray later at the higher rate if straw and neck break pressure is high

How it works

Terpal is mainly taken up through the green parts of plants. Terpal should only be applied to vigorously growing crops which have an adequate supply of nutrients and moisture, and are free from any stress prior to and following treatment. Optimum results are obtained when Terpal is applied during the recommended stages of crop development. See Terpal label for recommended application stages. 

The main effect is to shorten and thicken the stem between internodes on the parts undergoing stem elongation at, or following, treatment. Early treatments provide the greatest protection against basal lodging and later treatments are more effective at reducing straw and neck break.

Terpal is suited for application by ground or aerial spraying


Crop suitability