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Cycocel® 750

Plant growth regulant for wheat, oats and perennial ryegrass seed crops

Cycocel® 750 is a plant growth regulator which is taken up mainly through the green parts of plants. The principal effect of Cycocel 750 is to inhibit cell elongation at the growing point of treated plants. Energy normally directed to the growing point is redirected causing modification to growth habit. Responses vary according to species, rate of use and timing. Timing is critical for optimum results.

In wheat and oats: Cycocel 750 stimulates root development, reduces stem length and causes the stem wall to thicken. Primary tiller development is slowed down and secondary tiller development stimulated.

Advantages of treatment:

1. Improved resistance to lodging and stem break. Height reduction may vary according to cultivar treated.

2. Improved resistance to drought.

3. Improved resistance to Eyespot damage.

4. More even head height, which reduces the volume of straw required to pass through the combine at harvest.

5. Fertiliser inputs can be aimed at optimum yield rather than limited to avoid lodging.

6. Cycocel 750 may be used on crops undersown with grasses and clovers.

In perennial ryegrass seed crops: Cycocel 750 appears to synchronise tiller growth and development and increase tiller survival. Crop height is not reduced and treatment does not prevent lodging.

Advantage of treatment:

1. Improved yield of seed.

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