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Imtrex fungicide



Combining protective power and adaptability

ACVM Registration No.P009613

Mode of action: Group 7 fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 62.5 g/L fluxapyroxad
Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)

Our advanced single-active SDHI option, allowing you to choose a tank-mix partner with a mode of action you’re not using at another timing.

Key benefits

  • Top-level protection against key diseases in wheat and barley
  • Strong systemic movement and residual activity
  • Long application window for two possible sprays each season

How it works

The active ingredient in Imtrex, fluxapyroxad, belongs to the FRAC Group 7, SDHI mode of action group.

Fluxapyroxad quickly disrupts the energy supply within the fungus, stopping fungal growth to protect the plant.

Imtrex is taken up via the stem and foliage and translocated upwards and outwards to provide some protection of new growth.

Although the combination of high levels of activity and mobility results in exceptional preventative activity, thorough coverage of the crop is still necessary to achieve the best results.

Crop suitability

  • Barley

    Leaf rust
    Net blotch (spot & net form)
    Powdery mildew
    Ramularia leaf and awn spot
  • Wheat

    Brown rust
    Glume blotch
    Powdery mildew
    Speckled leaf blotch
    Stripe rust

Questions and Answers from the Field

  • Why should you use Imtrex?

    Imtrex is a solo SDHI Group 7 fungicide with best-in-class activity on key diseases (e.g. Scald or Speckled leaf blotch). Imtrex allows greater choice of MOA partner i.e. can use strobilurin.

  • What is Imtrex compatible with?

    Always apply Imtrex in a mixture with another approved, non-cross resistant fungicide recommended for the control of the same target diseases. Refer to manufacturers’ recommendations for rates of partner fungicides. It can be tank mixed with most commonly used insecticides, herbicides (e.g. Starane* or mecoprop-P) and growth regulators (e.g. Cycocel or Terpal).

  • How do you manage resistance with Imtrex?

    Imtrex is a Group 7 (SDHI) fungicide. Do not apply more than two Imtrex fungicide applications per season. For resistance purposes Systiva® seed treatment counts as one SDHI fungicide application.