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Poncho® VOTiVO®

Insecticidal Seed Treatment

An extra level of protection for maize and sweetcorn seedlings

ACVM Registration No.P009176

Mode of action: Group 4A insecticide
Active ingredient(s): 508 g/L clothianidin and minimum 2.0x109 cfu/mL Bacillus firmus I-1582
Formulation: Flowable concentrate (FS)

VOTiVO® is a unique strain of the bacteria Bacillus firmus, I-1582. Applied to the seed, VOTiVO® is very stable but once the seed is planted and begins to germinate, the bacteria grow with the developing roots creating a living barrier. This barrier is able to reduce the impact of nematode attack.

By coating the maize or sweetcorn roots with a living film of beneficial bacteria, Poncho VOTiVO reduces the nematode’s ability to attack the roots. In addition, Poncho VOTiVO has been shown to bring plant health benefits such as enhanced rooting.

Key benefits

  • Beneficial bacteria colonise the roots to block the impact of nematode attack 
  • Both active ingredients grow with the seedling to extend their protection
  • Plant health benefits strengthen establishment and increase yield potential  
  • Excellent early-season control of damaging pests during crop establishment

How it works

Provides immediate protection – systemic insecticide protects the seed against key insect pests from the moment it’s planted. The protective “halo” that Poncho creates protects the entire plant during the critical early growth stages.

With additional biological control – Bacillus firmus I-1582 creates a living barrier to suppress attack from a range of nematode species.

Protects yield potential – by protecting the entire plant during the critical crop establishment phase Poncho VOTiVO promotes a healthier root system and more uniform and vigorous crop.

Crop suitability

  • Maize

    Argentine stem weevil
    Black beetle
    Greasy cutworm
    Nematode suppression
  • Sweetcorn

    Argentine stem weevil
    Black beetle
    Greasy cutworm
    Nematode suppression