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Kinto Duo seed treatment fungicide

Kinto® Duo

Seed Treatment Fungicide

All-in-one disease control for cereals to 3-leaf

ACVM Registration No.P008307

Active ingredient(s): 20 g/L triticonazole | 60 g/L prochloraz
Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)

Highly effective dual-active fungicide that simplifies resistance management by allowing rotation to SDHI foliar sprays later in the season.

Key benefits

  • Two proven and complementary DMI actives provide robust control
  • Both systemic and penetrant activity
  • Effective standalone treatment with no base seed treatment needed

How it works

Read the label before using

Crop suitability

  • Barley

    Covered smut
    Leaf stripe
    Loose smut
    Net blotch
  • Oats

    Covered smut
    Loose smut
  • Ryecorn

  • Triticale

  • Wheat

    Covered smut (Bunt)
    Loose smut
    Powdery mildew
    Stripe rust
  • Wheat - Durum


Questions and Answers from the Field

  • What is Kinto Duo compatible with?

    Kinto Duo can be applied sequentially or in conjunction with imidacloprid- or clothiadin-based insecticide seed treatments.

  • How do you minimise resistance with Kinto Duo?

    The active ingredients in Kinto Duo are triticonazole and prochloraz, both from the DMI mode of action group. Kinto Duo is classified as a Group 3 fungicide. To minimise the risk of resistance, Kinto Duo should be used in strict accordance with the label instructions. Apply no more than two DMI treatments per season to crops grown from seed treated with Kinto Duo.
    Refer to the NZCPR website ( for more detailed information.