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Pristine fungicide



First choice for disease protection in fruit

ACVM Registration No.P007595

Mode of action: Group 7 | 11 fungicides
Active ingredient(s): 252 g/kg boscalid | 128 g|kg pyraclostrobin
Formulation: Water dispersible granules

Pristine is the leading fungicide for controlling key diseases in apples, grapes, kiwifruit, onions, pears and stone fruit. Its two active ingredients provide very high levels of control, and Pristine also promotes a superior fruit finish with less risk of russeting in pipfruit.

Key benefits

  • Promotes superior fruit finish for better value in the market
  • Dual modes of action that reinforce dependability
  • Rapid control of diseases
  • Compatible with IMC programmes based on Typhlodromus pyri

How it works

Pristine® is a combination of a Group 7 and a Group 11 fungicide. Its two modes of action combine to deliver rapid, high-performance disease control.

The pyraclostrobin in Pristine inhibits spore germination, mycelial growth and sporulation of the fungus on the leaf surface. The boscalid component has a translocation mechanism that allows for optimum coverage throughout the leaf. It stops both energy production and synthesis of amino acids and lipids that are critical for fungal growth.

The two active ingredients work at different sites of action to reinforce the dependability of Pristine’s disease control.

Crop suitability

  • Apple

    Black spot
    Powdery mildew
  • Beans

    Sclerotinia white mould
  • Cherries

    Blossom blight
    Botrytis fruit rot
  • Citrus

    Alternaria brown spot
    Citrus scab
  • Grapes

    Downy mildew
    Powdery mildew
  • Kiwifruit

    Sclerotinia blossom and fruit rot
  • Onions

    Downy mildew
    White rot
  • Pear

    Black spot
    Powdery mildew
  • Stone fruit

    Blossom blight
    Botrytis fruit rot