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Rapid and lasting protection

ACVM Registration No. P9798

Mode of action: Group 3 fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 75 g/L mefentrifluconazole 
Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)

Belanty Fungicide takes the demethylation inhibitors (DMI) class of fungicide chemistry that growers already know and trust to the next level. It sets a new benchmark for flexible control of powdery mildew in grapes, black spot and powdery mildew in apples and black spot in pears.

Hear more about Belanty and why growers can have confidence in its unique molecule

Key benefits

  • Class-leading, flexible control of powdery mildew in grapes and apples and black spot in apples and pears
  • Molecular flexibility in the enzyme pocket to improve cellular penetration and binding to the demethylase enzyme
  • Advanced formulation that enables rapid uptake and lasting residual control
  • Superior protection of exisiting foliage along with strong DMI curative activity

How it works

Group 3 DMI fungicides have been sold in New Zealand for more than 40 years - but Belanty, with its hybrid ‘isopropanol-azole’ neck, is the first of its type and is unique among DMI fungicides. The triazole ‘head’ of the molecule sits on the slim neck which gives the molecule the flexibility to easily change its shape to better fit the binding pocket of the target enzyme: C 14-demethylase.  A better fits means stronger binding in the pocket and strong inhibition of enzyme activity.

Mutated pathogens with reduced sensitivity to DMIs have different shaped enzyme pockets. Standard DMIs without the isopropanol flexibility cannot adapt as easily as Belanty can and are not as effective on the mutated pathogen strains. The greater molecular flexibility of Belanty allows it to bind strongly in the enzyme pocket and gain excellent control of reduced DMI sensitivity pathogens.

The formulation of the Belanty product promotes rapid uptake and enables it to bind much more strongly than other triazoles to the target enzyme.

Crop suitability


Grapes treated with Belanty

Fruit growers across New Zealand now have access to a new global DMI in fungal disease control and resistance management, thanks to novel formulation chemistry from BASF.