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Versatile agricultural and domestic pest control

ACVM Registration No.P2810 and A5671

Ripcord® is probably the best-known insecticide on New Zealand farms. It's an effective, synthetic pyrethroid insecticide registered for control of key pests in horticultural crops, on livestock, around buildings and in the home.

Many vegetable growers rely on Ripcord to control caterpillars on their crops, while dairy farmers spray their cows to protect them against flies for long periods in summer.

Key benefits

  • Versatile as registered for use in crop, on livestock around buildings and in the home
  • Long-lasting insect repellent effect

How it works

Ripcord® is a synthetic pyrethroid, a rapidly acting neurotoxin with residual activity.

As a lipophilic formulation, Ripcord binds to the oils in animal coats to provide a long-lasting insect repellent effect.

To minimise the risk of resistance developing, Ripcord should be used in rotation with products that have a different mode of action.

Crop suitability

  • Cabbage

    Diamondback moth
    Tomato fruitworm
    White butterfly catterpillars
  • Cauliflower

    Diamondback moth
    Tomato fruitworm
    White butterfly catterpillars
  • Kiwifruit

    Grass grub beetle
  • Maize

    Army caterpillar
    Corn earworm
  • Tomato

    Tomato fruitworm