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Give your stone fruit crops the X factor

Merivon® sets a new benchmark for broad-spectrum disease control in stone fruit. It combines proven and innovative active ingredients to maximise crop yield and quality. Adding Merivon to the orchard’s spray program can both provide a better result each season and help manage resistance to give the older products in the rotation a longer future.

Merivon provides:

- Consistent, continuous protection – even under strong disease pressure.

- Greater activity than boscalid on blossom blight/brown rot and rust.

- A new active ingredient in stone fruit.

- Highly systemic activity with extended residual protection.

- Tank-mix compatibility with most commonly used fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilisers (except emulsifiable concentrates).

- Up to 3 applications a season - use between early flowering and before the onset of shuck fall.

Merivon Pack Shot