IMTREX® | CropSolutions New Zealand



An innovative combination of power and adaptability.

The key advantage of Imtrex® over other SHDI fungicides is its versatility. It provides top-level protection against key diseases in both wheat and barley crops in a tank-mix with a triazole like Opus®. Imtrex’s systemic movement and residual activity allow it to be used early, so there’s a long window for the two applications that can be made each season. 

In wheat, Imtrex is registered to control brown rust, powdery mildew, septoria (or speckled) leaf blotch and stripe rust, and to provide protection against glume blotch.

In barley, Imtrex will control leaf rust, both the net and spot forms of net blotch, powdery mildew and scald, and suppress ramularia.