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Take control of the major diseases in wheat and barley

ACVM Registration No.P008871

Active ingredient(s): 62.5 g/L Fluxapyroxad | 62.5 g/L Epoxiconazole
Formulation: Emuslifiable concentrate (EC)

Another one of our advanced dual-active foliar fungicide solutions, with a wide application window for optimal application flexibility.

Key benefits

  • Robust control of key diseases in both wheat and barley
  • Strong systemic uptake minimises wash-off and maximises coverage
  • Can be applied to the end of flowering in both crops

How it works

Adexar is a broad-spectrum contact and systemic fungicide with protectant and eradicant activity. Adexar has two active ingredients: fluxapyroxad, a Group 7 (SDHI) carboxamide fungicide, and epoxiconazole, a Group 3 (DMI) triazole fungicide.

Adexar is taken up via the stem and foliage and is translocated upwards and outwards to provide some protection of new growth. Thorough coverage of the crop is necessary for best results. Adexar has curative activity against early stages of infection but optimum results are obtained from application prior to the onset of infection.

Adexar should be used in a program that also includes fungicides with different modes of action. Apply no more than two Adexar sprays per season.

Crop suitability

  • Barley

    Leaf rust
    Net blotch (spot & net form)
    Powdery mildew
    Ramularia leaf and awn spot
  • Wheat

    Brown rust
    Glume blotch
    Powdery mildew
    Speckled leaf blotch
    Stripe rust